This is some information to help me remember what I’m doing with a BeagleBone Black Wireless. This is intended to be the core of a custom piece of battery powered hardware and as such we need fast boot time, low power consumption, no X-Windows, no HDMI, etc.

Sources of information

I’m basing this work on but also needed since the JumpNowTek instructions didn’t quite work. I wanted to use Yocto because this implies I should be able to get the resulting image to boot in under 1 second.

Build Host and Process

My normal development host is a MacBook Pro but that doesn’t have an SD-Card slot so for this project I’ve taken an older Intel i5 HP laptop and installed Ubuntu 18.04 on that. I then use XQuartz on the Mac to run X-Terms on the Ubuntu system. The Beaglebone is connected to that laptop by FTDI serial cable for the console and USB for power.

To Do

  • Support Ethernet over USB since a colleague uses that to update the app.
  • Get a BootP server running so I can try different Root OS setups without using the SD Card.