Following 26 years in IT for Financial Services- details can be found on the Bio page – I have moved across to┬ádesigning IT products. Primarily I am working on embedded devices, some would say ‘Internet Of Things’ however that also includes modern day replacements for legacy components. Solutions tends to be very specific to requirements, so across the breadth of projects I am working on

  • a BlueTooth Low Energy solution making use of the Nordic Semiconductors nRF52832 MCU
  • a SCSI and Ethernet based solution making use of the Atmel AT91 components
  • a sub 1GHZ wireless solution making use of the TI SimpliciTI / CC1100 product range

All of which is alongside some more traditional software development

  • A Windows-based GUI for managing the Atmel product range
  • An iOS app for working with the BlueTooth Low Energy solution
  • A more generic phone application using a Cordova front end & Symfony back end – looking for deployment to iOS, Android and Windows phone.