A Start

Given this is a new venture for me I thought I’d start trying to keep a blog of what I am doing. Throughout my career I have taken the view that if you understand what you want to achieve and why then you can normally work out how to do things. Applying that to IT, I’ve not yet found a problem I cannot work out the answer to. Anything run-of-the-mill I’m sure a specialist will fix quicker, however anything unusual I believe I can sort out better than most.

Over the last month and a half since I started this phase in my career, I have

  1. Sorted out the ethernet connectivity from an embedded microcontroller – a client has some custom hardware based around the Atmel SAM9XE being managed through TCP connectivity back to a windows host. The microcontroller ethernet drivers were unreliable under heavy network load.
  2. Significantly upgraded the Windows GUI application used for managing the above.
  3. Advised a client on how to use the PostgreSQL C++ client libraries from WPF applications.
  4. Started working with a client on the design and development of Apple HomeKit devices.

A wide and varied range of technologies however the common theme is the technical element of the solution isn’t the difficult piece. Understanding the outcome the client wishes to achieve is much more difficult but much more important.