SquirrelSQL and Infiniflux

One of the problems with setting up a blog area is I rarely want to broadcast anything. Also a lot of the real work I am doing at the moment is covered by enough NDAs that it doesn’t seem right to publish anything about it. However something I have done for a number of years is contribute to the SquirrelSQL¬†java-based SQL client. That client is shipped with a number of templates for JDBC connections and the mailing list was asked to incorporate the Infiniflux db into that list.

In principle fine, they have a standard jdbc url format of jdbc:iflux://<server>:<port>/<database>, however I also downloaded the standard edition of the database to test that. Installing their DB server didn’t work initially using their .deb install package into a new build of Ubuntu 16.10 server running in VirtualBox. Eventually I found their manual install instructions¬†which worked perfectly, so if anyone else feels the need to install Infiniflux, that would be my recommendation.